Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art Horse Camp

Art Horse camp is coming up soon! Time to get creative! August 8th-12th we will be having a week full of creativity as we work with our horses as well as art projects on the ranch. Our focus will be on stretching our thinkers with creativity in wood working, painting, music, horsemanship, and riding! We are so excited about what God is going to do during this week! Afterall, He is the Creator! And we are made in His image... :)

A wonderful time in Him...

This summer has been filled with wonderful things for Solid Rock. We have been able to spend time with some remarkable people. We have watched God do His amazing work each day in our lives. We have been blessed to begin using mini-horses in our ministry....something little Gracie thought would be a great idea a long time ago! They are priceless, and we have all fallen in love with these little creatures! Faith. Smiles. Joy. Hope. Laughter ....our summer!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Website is here!

We are so excited and so thankful for all the hard work of everyone involved in our website design. Special Thank yous to Karen Price and the Van High School design team. God's blesings on you. The website is beautiful. Everyone check out our website at:


Blessings and Hoofprints!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gracie's Dollar by Dollar Fundraiser

Little Gracie is so excited about her little fundraiser that is becoming quite large! She is asking each peron to donate $1.00 to Solid Rock Youth Ranch to go towards the purchase of a new "home" for Solid Rock. We are expanding and are in need of our new faciltiy. Check out her letter. With the creation of the website, you will be able to give online at the website, but until then, please send your donations to:

Solid Rock Youth Ranch
P.O. Box 954, Mineola, TX, 75773

Website Coming Soon!!!!

For all of you who are looking foward to our website, www.solidrocktexas.org, coming....The waiting is just about over!!! It should be up in the next few days!! A webdesigner, I am not, but I am thankful for those that are...like Karen, Macy, Marleigh, and Lisa! Thank you a thousand thank yous. You are priceless to Solid Rock! Your work will bless many!

Friday, December 31, 2010

The VHS web design team's field trip

As the school's suburban drove down the driveway, we could see all smiles through the windshield of the vehicle. Today, the girls who had been designing our website would be meeting the horses and animals they had seen only on a computer screen for the first time. The dogs were the first ones to greet the girls and they were instantly smothered in kisses! The girls made their way into the house where we were able to talk and organize our day. We decided we would catch our horses and play a "horse game."
Since it was almost Christmas, we decided the horses should have a special treat...candy canes! Armed with our "treats" we made our way into the field. The horses chose the girls they wanted to work with and they happily ate their candy canes! :) We were then off to play our games and groom our horses. The girls chatted and loved on the horses as they brushed their soft coats.
The game we chose to play was fun! The girls built an obstacle and had to overcome it as a team wtih their horses. Oh...and then there was the egg on the spoon they had to carry as they did their obstacle course with their horse! They handled it like pros! Everyone was full of smiles...until it was the last teammates's turn. The beautiful black horse...(Beauty) did NOT want to go through the obstacle. The harder her human tried to get her to go, the more she dug her hooves into the ground. She refused to move. Then something amazing unfolded...all the girls as a team approached their teammate. They brought their horses around her and together they encouraged her. Finally, after 25 minutes, they succeeded in getting Beauty through the course! Her human beamed with excitement! They had done it! They had conquered the obstacle! I was amazed at their team work!

The day ended with happy, happy hearts. The girls had an amazing lunch that my aunt had made especially for them. We shared about horses, friendships, and website ideas as we ate together, and then it was time for them to head back to school. We waved good bye as the suburban pulled out of the driveway. The girls were changed, as were we. It was a remarkable day.